No Worry Flood

I’ve been through a couple of big floods here in the valley, on both professional and personal levels. The floods of 2009, 1997, and 2011, in order of severity, were difficult to get through…at work and at my home along the Wild Rice River. But this flood has a much different feel… There was a sense of calm quiet while driving around Sunday to get a few shots with my daughter and her friend. Here’s what we saw…

Dike down the road in Forest River, south of Fargo. There used to be many homes here. Only a few left.

Dike along 76th Ave. south, east of Hwy 81.

The Wild Rice River, taken from the bridge on Hwy. 81. These homes are in pretty good shape.

Just a big old stately tree, sitting in water along the Wild Rice.

Water from the Wild Rice getting closer to the bridge along Cass Co. Road 14.

Homes in the Wild Rice Estates. Again, in good shape. No worries.

Geese enjoying the day.

Kids enjoying the day too. This shot taken along Rose Coulee on University in Fargo.