Edgewood goes under

Even with the lower expected crest, Edgewood golf course couldn’t hold back the Red. On Sunday, the course had patchy flooding, mostly around the ponds on Nos. 8 and 9 visible from the clubhouse.

On Monday, most of the course was filled with water.


No Worry Flood

I’ve been through a couple of big floods here in the valley, on both professional and personal levels. The floods of 2009, 1997, and 2011, in order of severity, were difficult to get through…at work and at my home along the Wild Rice River. But this flood has a much different feel… There was a sense of calm quiet while driving around Sunday to get a few shots with my daughter and her friend. Here’s what we saw…

Dike down the road in Forest River, south of Fargo. There used to be many homes here. Only a few left.

Dike along 76th Ave. south, east of Hwy 81.

The Wild Rice River, taken from the bridge on Hwy. 81. These homes are in pretty good shape.

Just a big old stately tree, sitting in water along the Wild Rice.

Water from the Wild Rice getting closer to the bridge along Cass Co. Road 14.

Homes in the Wild Rice Estates. Again, in good shape. No worries.

Geese enjoying the day.

Kids enjoying the day too. This shot taken along Rose Coulee on University in Fargo.

Southern valley counties report few major overland flooding problems

Sheriffs deputies and dispatchers in Cass and Clay counties, as well as bordering counties to the north and south, said Sunday they’re seeing some inundated township roads as anticipated but no major problems from overland flooding so far.

In Cass County, Cpl. Dean Haaland said the Red River was slapping against the County Road 18 bridge south of Oxbow on Sunday afternoon, and it wasn’t known how much longer the bridge would remain open. The Red is forecast to crest near Hickson at 36.1 feet on Monday, 3 feet higher than its level at 8:45 p.m. Sunday.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call Sunday afternoon from someone concerned there wasn’t proper signage in place to warn motorists of an inundated section of 130th Avenue South, but the signage was there, a deputy said.

The Clay County Highway Department is posting flood photos on its website, including the photo below of 80th Street South in Elmwood Township.

The Clay County Highway Department posted this photo on its website Saturday of 80th Street South in Elmwood Township.

Watchful Waiting & Working

I took a little flood tour south of Fargo this morning with my daughter. All the river shots are of the Wild Rice. Orange barrels are along Highway 81 in the area of Chrisan Estates, where they’re doing dike work. One shot depicts a dike going right down the middle of Chrisan Way. Stake with river level is in my front yard. Group of three similar shots shows a rural bridge that’s under water. And my girl decided she needed to do a handstand in the middle of it all, because that’s what gymnasts do. Footnote: one shot of the river with chain link fence at bottom left was from last night. The light was nice….









Don’t climb on those dikes

With floodwaters rising on the Red River, the Fargo Police Department is reminding citizens to stay safe and assist in the city’s flood protection efforts, particularly keeping in mind city ordinance 10-0318, the state of emergency declaration.

Last month, Mayor Dennis Walaker declared a state of emergency for flood-fighting. City ordinance 10-0318 prohibits: climbing on or destroying a levy; driving upon a levy; dntering an area deemed off-limits or restricted by city officials; operating a watercraft in a way that damages flood protection efforts (creating a wake or striking a levy, etc.)

Violating the ordinance requires an appearance in municipal court and can result in a fine up to $500. Also, driving around a barricade is a violation of City Ordinance 08-1301D which carries a $20 fine.